The 6 Best Decorative Concrete Trends of 2019

Decorative concrete has entered the vernacular for home design in 2019. With home magazines fawning over the appearance of chic and industrial concrete floors, more decorative concrete techniques exist today more than ever before.

And as we are in the second half of the year, it may be time to look for a way to update your floors. We know for a fact that these trends will always be stylish. And coupled with the durability and longevity of concrete floors, you’ll have a worthy investment in your floors. With experienced and skillful contractors like Austin Concrete Artisans over at, any decorative concrete trend is possible for your home.

These are the best decorative concrete trends to jump on for this year:

1. Polished concrete

A big trend of 2019 in home decor is the recommitment to minimalism. It’s a trend that started last year but has truly blossomed this year. Minimalism is all about the elimination of clutter in one’s life and the adoption of functionality and simplicity.

Because of its simple elegance and beauty coupled with its durability and longevity, concrete floors have become the choice for minimalist homeowners. And by polishing the concrete, you are able to preserve the industrial look of concrete while enhancing its beauty and improving its surface.

Polished concrete, contrary to its name, does not just entail a polishing of the existing concrete floor. Instead, those shiny and perfect-looking floors are achieved by applying a chemical densifier all over the floors. Once dried, it can be scraped off and buffed down to reveal minimally glossy and chic floors.

2. Dark brown stained floors

A stained floor is always a great decorative concrete technique to spruce up any room in the house. But the color of the stain does matter, as it can determine whether your floors will look aged or current and trendy.

A dark chocolate brown stained floor is a great neutral floor for a wide space like the living room or the kitchen. It is dark enough to create a space that is warm and cozy but still adds some color and life to a room that is meant for entertaining and socializing.

3. Dark grey stained floors

Another way you can utilize the decorative concrete technique of concrete staining is to use a dark grey stain. This does two things to your concrete floors: it imparts a dramatic shade of grey to your floors that will look effortlessly cool, but it also mimics that classic “grey” look of concrete while evening out the color of concrete, which will sometimes have spots of discoloration.
The exact shade of grey will depend on you, but remember that stains don’t always come out looking exactly as you expected, so keep an open mind when you follow this trend in your home.

4. All white concrete floors

Concrete floors can be achieved in a number of ways: white concrete overlays, concrete paint, or concrete staining. Whichever decorative concrete technique you choose to give your floors a heavenly white appearance, it is sure to be a perfect upgrade for an injection of drama into the home.

The trend of white concrete floors goes hand-in-hand with the trend of white furniture. And while a white-on-white-on-white look is today’s trend for risk-taking homeowners, it may not be for everyone. In that case, you can achieve a similar effect with white concrete floors coupled with bright pops of color or neutral light tones in your furnishings.

5. Faux wood floors

There are many things that can be achieved with concrete stamping and an excellent contractor. One of those things is faux wood floors that look so perfect you would never be able to tell the difference.
This year’s trend for wooden floors has all been about light and bleached wood. But you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to get the same look. With concrete stamping, the exact look of wood right down to the grooves and texture can be mimicked. And then it can be stained or painted to get the desired color.

We particularly recommend this trend for people with houses near nature and with a lot of natural sunlight who may want the organic and natural look wood provides but without all the downsides of wooden floors.

6. Faux stone floors

Like faux wood floors, faux stone floors are an extremely popular decorative concrete service. But this time, it’s meant for use in your outdoors.
Stone floors are great for patios, decks, and driveways because they give a certain kind of sophistication and simplicity to a home. But not only are they costly, but they also need a specific kind of maintenance that needs to be done by a professional.

With stamped concrete, you can achieve the appearance of any stone, from classic limestone to the iconic look of flagstone, and even the dark grey look of travertine. It will all depend on the skill level of your contractor, so we recommend doing your proper research before attempting this trend for your home.