Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate: Be Completely Prepared

General overview of AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification

Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate: Be Completely Prepared
In this technological era, all enterprises are shifting towards cloud computing. The cloud computing decreases the dependency of local infrastructure and software, which will reduce cost and increase the efficiency of the business.

AWS is still the leader of all cloud providers and having a certification will open a great career path. There is eight AWS certification that certifies the associate on their cloud computing knowledge.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate was introduced for the professionals who perform the solution architect role in the enterprise. The exam tests the knowledge of developing and deploying robust cloud architecture based on customers’ requirements.

Recommended knowledge of examinees

  • Should have years of experience in designing scalable, fault-tolerant, and cost-efficient distributed system on AWS
  • Hands-on experience using storage, compute, networking AWS services
  • A good understanding of network technology related to AWS
  • An understanding of AWS global architectural principles
  • Estimating the AWS cost and control mechanisms

Exam pattern

  • There will be multiple choices and multiple answer type of questions. The number of questions will be 60.
  • The total time for the exam is 80 minutes.
  • Cost of the exam is $150
  • Passing score for this exam is 65%.

Why AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification is so popular?

AWS is one of the popular platforms and is used by almost every MNC, if you are a developer and want to switch to the cloud segment then this certification gives a major boost in your career prospects. AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam ascertains that you have necessary skills and knowledge in building a scalable and architecture for the enterprise. No doubt, this certification is greatly valued and popular in the industry today.

Tips to clear the exam

Below are the few tips by which you can easily clear the exam at the first attempt:

  • You can download the exam guide.
  • Create a free tier account with AWS. It is very easy to create one and then you can try hands-on with it.
  • provides great training for AWS where you can try and experience the real world solutions.
  • Prepare a plan and proceed step by step and refer the documentation on each section. You can use free tier account to operate hands-on AWS services.
  • You can refer to AWS Application center for architecture level principles besides studying about the individual services.
  • There are many documentation and articles on each service of AWS, thus, it is worth preparing notes while this article, as it will be beneficial to you in long run.
  • You have to continue exploring the services from AWS management consoles and study it. When you are confident enough you could answer sample tests from a different website to master your skill and knowledge. You can always look back to the concepts you are weak in and then reattempt the questions when you are confident.
  • Once you are satisfied with your preparation and confident enough, register the exam from the official website
  • Appear on the day of the exam, make sure you take plenty of rest on the day before and eat well before the exam.

I am sure by following the above guidelines you could clear the exam at the very first attempt. Though there is no substitute for hard work, so continue to put your effort until you become AWS certified professional.

Sections and areas that will be covered in this exam:

  • To build a scalable, fault-tolerant, and cost-effective architecture. (60%)
  • To design a secured VPN (Application using AWS Resource), and use of IA policies. (20%)
  • Implementation and Deployment of AWS. (10%)
  • Troubleshooting. (10%)

Areas covered in this exam

  • To understand the basic of AWS architecture and core AWS services
  • Hands on experience on all functionalities of AWS like designing, deploying, developing, and maintaining the applications
  • To get the working knowledge of applications that utilizes AWS services

Reasons to become AWS certified

There are numerous of advantages to become AWS certified and the some of them are described below:

AWS has reached the top among the other cloud computing providers

AWS is the leading cloud provider in the market; it is 10 times bigger than the next 14 cloud providers according to Gartner. No matter which horizontal you are in, be it a developer, a DBA or an AI engineer learning AWS is always an asset which you can use in the enterprise. The most interesting part is that AWS is constantly evolving and developing its segments.

AWS certification is feasible

Unlike other certifications, AWS offers a very reachable certification plan which means you do not have to quit your job for complex training etc.
As for the training goes I find “A cloud guru” as the best resource so far and I completed all the associate level certification by referring to its training. For those who want to have hands-on training, they can opt for the AWS free tier for one year as practice makes you perfect.

You can get higher pay with your AWS skills

AWS certifications are ranked as top 1 in the Forbes pay list of the certifications. Most MNCs has adopted AWS and thus apart from an interesting topic, AWS is also a highly paid skill.

My experience with AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate comes at the very last of the associate tier exams by AWS. I started preparing for the exam a year ago with AWS free tier with the help of AWS free and awesome documentation. I also subscribed to ‘A cloud guru’ for more information. With some hands-on and practical scenarios, I was up to speed. The certification exam consists of many sections and I visited every section and cleared the concepts up to the root level. Once I was confident enough, which was a month ago; I register myself for the exam. To my surprise, the certification exam was not too hard to clear provided you have prepared well for every topic and have done some hands-on based on that. Not forgetting to mention, I am getting splendid offers after this certification went to my resume highlight.


AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is the most demanded certification in the industry. This requires great and dedicated preparation but it is really worth it. I hope with this article you will get enough on how to clear the exam at your first attempt.